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Negotiations Mastery Millionaire's Secrets to Negotiating Anything

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What you'll get:

  • Earn your course purchase back in days!
  • Learn negotiation tactics and how to read people
  • Learn from a 25 year professional negotiator
  • Learn how to deal with difficult people!
  • Learn the #1 secret for closing deals!
  • Over 50 video instructions

Results of negotiating success will vary per person.  Although you are highly likely to save the money you have spent on this course, negotiation results depends on the student and not on the course provider or material presented.  You are not guaranteed to earn your course fee back. 

Course Modules:

Introduction to Negotiations

  • Course outline
  • What is negotiation?

Everything is Negotiable

  • Learn what is negotiable
  • How to approach negotiations

Qualify Your Counterpart

  • Determine who to deal with
  • Dealing with couples
  • Business negotiations


  • Learn how relationships work in your favour
  • How to break through the emotional barrier
  • Dealing with prideful people

Body Language

  • Learn how to use body language for rapport
  • What is the correct approach to body mirroring?

Negotiations Preparation

  • How to properly prepare for negotiations
  • How to pick your team

Negotiation Techniques

  • Learn the techniques that millionaires use
  • Do you play dumb?
  • Should you split the difference?

Dealing with Difficult People

  • How to deal with people who lie
  • What happens if it gets violent?

The Funnel Technique

  • Learn the funnel technique properly and how to implement it

Forming an Agreement

  • What happens after you verbally agree?